Why ZXtech Our first-class industrial innovation platforms and solutions help companies leverage today's technology prospects to secure financial returns.

Technology Drives Innovation

Over the past 20 years, we have gained extensive experience in the elevator sector, enabling the perfect integration of technology and industry. Our first-class platforms, systems and field-proven solutions and services assist the elevator industry during the sales, design, manufacturing, project management and training in an intelligent and interconnected world, enabling businesses to operate intelligently and efficiently. We are constantly improving and developing, which in turn helps the vast number of companies, technicians and partners to establish new business models based on technology.

ZXtech Intelligent Platform Architecture

Leveraging AI industry experience to create an integrated platform for the whole industry chain and full cycle intelligent manufacturing of elevator industry.

  • Full life cycle quality management
  • Whole industry chain training
  • Information sharing, intelligent optimization

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Through our deep understanding of the elevator industry, we bring technological innovation to the industry.

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How much do you know about the digitalization of the elevator industry? Find out what the technological developments have transformed the industry.

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About ZXtech
Since its formation in 1999, ZXtech has been the leading intelligent service provider to the elevator industry. ZXtech has been a pioneer of transformative intelligent business models.

ZXtech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

We uphold the philosophy of creating customer-centric concepts, focusing on helping customers with intelligent information technology to build leading virtual reality platforms, logical configuration platforms and elevator IoT solution. By reshaping sales, design, production, engineering management and training methods, optimizes intelligent and efficient operations.