April 3, 2019-5th ZXtech appears at the Tokyo Digital Exhibition


April 3, 2019-5th, ZXtech at the Tokyo Digital Exhibition is looking forward to your visit!

The annual Tokyo Digital Exhibition will be held from April 3rd to 5th 2019 at the BIG SIGHT International Exhibition Center in Tokyo. ZXtech will then carry a wealth of theoretical and practical experience. VR and 3D animation and other technology will be displayed at the exhibition.

VR technology is ushering in a new generation of digital technology, integrating multimedia, sensors, new displays, internet and artificial intelligence. ZXtech applies the latest VR helmets, VR data gloves and other equipment, to provide a physical practice simulation, achieving a multi-person interactive simulation and a more natural, realistic immersive VR experience.

3D animation simulates the full range of a products interior and exterior structure. ZXtech combines the product with aesthetics, enabling the visualization of a products working principles and selling points.

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